Julian Oliver wrote:

> do you see any harm in users being let into the voting process? or, do you 
> think that
> this might result in a Splash that doesn't represent the Gimp the way
> you think it should ("everything being made to look so clean and sharp"). 

Yep, that's what I fear might happen. The approach we took in the last
contest - have a small group of people decide about the final splash
amongst their favorites - is the best one, IMO

> surely that would make the contest even more fun ;) 
> .. you'd probably get a alot more entries too.

During the last contest, the amount of entries was overwhelming - and a
considerable number of really bad ones was included, too (e.g. just
slapping a photo into the splash template).

This was the reason why we decided to raise the bar this time and have
the contributors provide a tutorial with the image. The author of the
winning one did so as well:


There's a bit more to it than what's revealed on the first look.


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