net kat wrote:

> Plug in? I'm almost 100% sure I've used Gimp to both open and write psd
> files before..any suggestions on this problem?

PSD isn't openly documented (IIRC it was until Photoshop 6.0), so from
then on the support provided by the psd load/save plug-in is top some
extent based on reengineering existing files. Of course, there might
even be some features that are just not implemented yet, regardless of
being documented or not.

So it is basically:

- if it works, fine
- if it doesn't, bad luck

You could open a bug report in Bugzilla and attach the file there, but
there are no promises if and when there will be a fix for it.

In order to be fair: it's the same problem the other way round: loading
and saving GIMP's native format in other programs.


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