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> On Wednesday 11 January 2006 11:45 pm, net kat wrote:

> > This task is: in Photoshop, I can set Crop Tool dimensions, and
> > when I drag in an image, the marquee will be that aspect ratio.
> > When I finalize the crop, Photoshop will either crop down to those
> > pixel values, or enlarge the selection to the pixel values.

> No, the GIMP does not do that.
> Cropping and scaling up are different operations both in 
> implementation and on the UI.

> Otherwise, it seens a nice feature, and I guess you can ask for it on 
> GIMP's bugzilla (bugzilla.gnome.org , describe the desired feature in 
> detail, mark the bug severity as "enhancement"), if you really mind 
> about it. 

As you seem to have understood how the feature should work, I think it might
be better if you try to describe it in your words - to me it sounds like
seeting a fixed size for crop, something which should be possible in GIMP
2.3 already.


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