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> Just so you know, you're not the only one wondering about 
> this.  I just stumbled accross this website while searching 
> for an answer to the very same problem.  I'm trying to "cut 
> out" a small circular image from a larger photo to use as an 
> accent image on a website.  I actually need to do this many, 
> many times, so I'm willing to learn how to do it the proper 
> way.  Heh. The help file included with GIMP isn't 
> very...helpful. I'm computer-savvy, but totally unfamiliar 
> with this particular software.

Hi "MatMan",

I was the one who posed the original question and continued the thread. 

Unfortunately the thread died without a solution. It works fine for the
rectangular selection tool, but for all the other shapes it doesn't work.
They cut out fine from GIMP, but always paste as a rectangular shape, i.e.
totally useless :-). It forced me to go back to MS Image Composer.


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