Hi Everyone,

Pleased to be able to help with this one, it took me a while messing around but I finally got it.

They cut out fine from GIMP, but always paste as a rectangular shape, i.e.
totally useless :-). It forced me to go back to MS Image Composer.

Once you have use your intelligent scissors and cut out what you wish, copy the piece you want, open a new file, this will automatically select the size you need, but you need to click advanced options and select background colour and choose transparency.

You can then Ctrl V onto the new file. This will give you what you have selected in a checkered square which represents transparent. you can then save it, then paste it into another image and all you will see is the selected area that you cut out.

You then need to select "anchor layer" from the pulldown "layer" folder, once the layer is anchored save it, and away you go. You can repeat this step as many times as you like on the one image, just remeber to anchor your layers and save after each step encase you need to go backwards. Because after you have anchored a layer you can't seperate it out.

I hope I have helped you with your problem. Please let me know if it has.

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