Tom Poe wrote:
> Harish:  Thank you very much for the help.  I created a .png file of a
> sketch, scanned into computer, brought it up in Gimp.  Tried the color
> exchange on the image by selecting all, then filter->color->map->color
> exchange.  Didn't work, so I tried creating a new file and adding the
> sketch as a paste in a new layer, selecting all and trying the color
> exchange, but no go.  If I send you the file, could you check on your
> computer and see if it works for you?

But before that, by "didn't work", do you mean the operation wasn't
allowed (the menu option was greyed out) or the operation failed to do
what you wanted?

If the menu option was greyed out, it is because your scanner's png is
in 'indexed' mode. Follow
Right Click->Image->Mode-RGB to switch the image type to RGB and retry
the operation. If it still doesn't work, e-mail it to me (off list), and
I'll take a look.


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