Carol Spears wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 03:10:59PM -0600, Eric P wrote:
>>The crop tool and dialog in 2.3.6 have some really excellent
>>improvements over the old one.  Great work dev!
>>I have one question: is it still possible to do a 'crop from
>>selection' like in Gimp < 2.3?  I seem to be missing that option in
>>the new dialog.
> i must admit, i missed this at first as well and discussed it with
> mitch....
> crop from selection is gone.  instead, <Image>/Image/Crop and
> <Image>/Layer/Crop are there.  two steps less for me and i do not have
> the problem of having the crop tool toggled to work on only one layer
> when i did not need it or want it any longer.
> carol

Awesome.  I didn't even get off my lazy butt to look around at the
other options.  However, I'm not sure if I would have recognized
them.  I think 'Crop Image from Selection' and 'Crop Layer from
Selection' might be a tad clearer in the menu.  That is the sole
purpose of these procedures, isn't it (since they're grayed out
until a selection is made)?

Anywho, I'm just glad those procedures are there.  I'd be lost

Eric P
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