Carol Spears wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 03:19:56PM -0600, Eric P wrote:
>>Maybe this deserves a bug report, but something I've noticed in
>>2.3.6 is that it always alerts me that a 'A File Named ... Already
>>Exists' upon saving any file regardless whether is truly exists or not.
>>Can anyone else confirm this?  Just create a new document and save
>>and see what it says.
Ulp, I should've done my homework before bugging the list.

> the fact that you noticed this bug means (to me) that you are really
> giving this file selector a work out.  
Well, the GTK file selector is barely useful in my opinion.  I don't
use KDE, but they've had their file selector in good working order
for a couple years now.  Even Crackdoze is better (ack!)

> for me, i get that warning everytime i type in a new location to that
> dialog.  like i am working in /home/carol/images and want to save
> something in /tmp so i type /tmp/image.xcf into the file selector to
> save time and button pushing madness.
But I get the false alert _anytime_ I save a new file.  I'm not
doing anything at all exotic as the initial bug reporter posted (or
as you are doing).  I just make a new file, try to save (in whatever
is the current working directory), and I'm alerted.

> what i don't like, and i am finding it difficult to articulate (as you
> will soon see, perhaps) is that when i am finally have the damn thing in
> the directory i want to make the save in and i start to type the first
> few characters, it gives me a list of files that are already named like
> that.  
And directories!

> the default response is to give you opportunity to save a
> different image with the same name.  more useful to me would be to be
> able to save a new image and have the file selector understand that and
> fill in the first few characters sequentially.
Sequentially??  I guess I don't follow.
> what could i call that?  like if you made it work with the <tab> so
> pressing <tab> there would fill in similar characters but would stop
> before suggesting saving over an existing image.  what would that be
> called?
Hmm.... sounds similar to tab completion but a little different
since tab completion will finally fill in the complete file
name/directory if it's unique.
> it makes me wonder what the gtk+ developers are doing that they need to
> save over existing files more often than making new ones.
GTK excels in so many areas.  I just wish they'd overhaul (again)
the file selector.  Oh well, I should stop bitching and help out,
shouldn't I?  So many projects... so little time.

Eric P
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