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> Hi Everyone,
> Pleased to be able to help with this one, it took me a while 
> messing around but I finally got it.
> >They cut out fine from GIMP, but always paste as a 
> rectangular shape, i.e.
> >totally useless :-). It forced me to go back to MS Image Composer.
> >
> >  
> >
> Once you have use your intelligent scissors and cut out what 
> you wish, copy the piece you want, open a new file, this will 
> automatically select the size you need, but you need to click 
> advanced options and select background colour and choose transparency.
> You can then Ctrl V onto the new file. This will give you 
> what you have selected in a checkered square which represents 
> transparent. you can then save it, then paste it into another 
> image and all you will see is the selected area that you cut out.
> I hope I have helped you with your problem. Please let me 
> know if it has.

It has, as it works as you said. If I save the new file (as a gif image) I
can indeed insert that file in to an OOo Writer document with the
transparent background. Wonderful :-)

Two further questions if I may:

Is it possible to omit the "file save" step, iow copy the image from the
paste into the new file and paste it into a document. When I tried it I
still got the complete rectangle without the transparent  background and

> You then need to select "anchor layer" from the pulldown 
> "layer" folder, once the layer is anchored save it, and away 
> you go. You can repeat this step as many times as you like on 
> the one image, just remeber to anchor your layers and save 
> after each step encase you need to go backwards. 
> Because after you have anchored a layer you can't seperate it out.

After I did that I copied and pasted the image into a document and it
worked, except that the transparent background was black. Is there any way
around this?


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