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My wife has been using Photoshop, and I'm trying to get her to convert
Gimp instead (so that I can work on the same files under Unix) ... the
biggest problem is she loses her layers, or, at least, the 'text/font'
components of them ...

Is there any way of converting a psd file to xcf so that you don't lose
that information?  Or, at a minimum, some way of being able to determine
the font type / size used within the image itself?

nope, the gimp psd plug-in doesn't do that at the moment.

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/mail/
Wouldn't it be possible to decompose psd pictures to layers and then
export to xcf?

Just a wild guess. Never useg Photoshop in my life :)

well, gimp does open psd format files.  it does not retain the layer
effects or text (like the font size, text that was printed and color it
was printed in).  this question was specifically about the psd text

Is there any method of taking an existing graphic, and, other then by major trial and error, determining the font type used? When one watches way way too much TV, and sees all of the analysis software that the various CSIs and such play with, you start to wonder what software you yourself are missing :)

more, it is totally possible for this to be written into the gimp psd
plug-in -- it just hasn't been done yet.

'k, being around OSS long enough, I'm not going to ask 'when is it going to be done", since the answer i "when someone gets around to it ... :)

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