Hello all,

I'm joining/emailing to ask a very important question involving the
color picker tool. Is it necessary to have the dialog pop up every
time you choose a color with this tool? Is there a way to disable it?

I've searched bugzilla, and come up with bug #139349,

I've searched all over the web, and even through the mailing list
archive, but I can't seem to find an answer.

This one simple annoyance keeps me from using GIMP fulltime because
I'm constantly selecting colors from one image to use in another, and
every single time, the color picker popup comes up and steals focus.
Now, just the fact that it steals focus isn't the concern. The popup
itself should never be there. If the popup is going to come up every
time you use the tool, it should be part of the main GIMP dock or not
there at all, I'm voting not at all. The reason being that you can
easily get the color value of the color you just selected by click on
the color in the main GIMP dock anyways. Its probably a design

But I digress....can anyone help me disable the popup or lend some
insight? I'm all ears.

Thanks everyone,
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