> Thanks for the info.   Is it possible not to use script-fu ?  Any other
> language binding is supported by GIMP ?

You can write the script or plug-in that does the actual processing in C,
C++, Python or Perl (and maybe any other langage that creates executables
and can use the gimp and gtk+ libs, but I've never tried this).

However, if you're aiming for immediate and easy deployment on as many
platforms as possible, Script-Fu is the way to go. 

For C and C++, you'll have to provide binaries for platforms where compiling
is done less commonly by users themselves. 

Gimp-Python is still not released for the Windows platform (it is available
in 2.3.x releases, but these are not intended for the general public). 

Perl is out of the question for not being built on Windows at all.

> The language used by script-fu is ... looks difficult to me :-(

It is Scheme. You'll need a text editor that helps you to get around with
its list-based syntax (for example, forget things like Notepad), but if you
have this is is far more readable than other languages. Some say than anyone
who speaks english should be able to read it fluently.


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