On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 09:26:19PM -0500, Ben Foote wrote:
> This one simple annoyance keeps me from using GIMP fulltime because
> I'm constantly selecting colors from one image to use in another, and
> every single time, the color picker popup comes up and steals focus.
> Now, just the fact that it steals focus isn't the concern. The popup
> itself should never be there. If the popup is going to come up every
> time you use the tool, it should be part of the main GIMP dock or not
> there at all, I'm voting not at all. The reason being that you can
> easily get the color value of the color you just selected by click on
> the color in the main GIMP dock anyways. Its probably a design
> problem.
have you seen the color picker that is on <Toolbox>/Dialogs/Colors?

it picks one time from the whole desktop.

actually, that whole dialog has pretty much replaced all of the other
color dialogs for me.  it can be docked, i keep mine docked to the
toolbox.  it has many dialogs within that one dock -- all of the color

it has taken a little while to change my workflow to use a one time
color picker and to avoid the other color dialogs.  the one useful
feature that the Toolbox color dialog has is the color memory, but i am
surprised at how much i do not actually use that.

i think that i have even taken the old gimp color picker out of my
<Toolbox> lately.  which you can do via <Toolbox>/Dialogs/Tools -- it
works with the viewable toggle the same way that the Layers Dialog

it sounds like you have been using gimp for a long while.  perhaps you
might spend a few minutes to look at those dialogs.  some of them are
really cool and completely different from anything gimp had before.


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