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> > I'm a newbie with the GIMP, but you can do that in OpenOffice Draw
> > which is more of a "design and create" type tool
> interesting.  i would like to know if Vytautas Povilaitis had open
> office installed and i would also like to know what other graphics
> this
> office software can draw.  it is nice to have volunteers from the
> other
> apps show up to point out their software here, we don't get near
> enough
> of it.

OOo Draw has capabilities/approach broadly comparable to Adobe
Illustrator, and as such might be considered complimentary (it's
certainly not competitive!) with the GIMP. It does vector drawing,
scalable stuff, layout, text, shapes, 3D, and that kind of thing. I
used the two together, for example to create Christmas cards. GIMP took
my photos, cleaned them up, removed background and trees growing out of
heads, while the layout as a card, with pretty text curving round,
borders, and stuff like that was done after importing the GIMP output
into Draw.

There are some really cool tricks, like taking a font, and turning it
into a 3D shape with depth, rotating it to produce "solids" and other
freakish things. I can't say I've found a use for them yet, but they're
intriguing all the same :)

See openoffice.org, getopenoffice.org (and probably a bunch of others I
don't know about).


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