On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 09:19:47PM +0200, Joe Schaffner wrote:
> I know Microsoft Paint pretty well, so you can imagine my surprise
> when I opened up gimp.
> It looks like a paint program but it's not. I discovered I can draw
> ellipses and rectangles by "selecting" a path then "stroking" the
> path.
there is a difference between "selections" and "paths".  there are also
two dialogs: Dialogs/Selection Editor and Dialogs/Paths

> Pretty neat.
> But I'm having a hell of a time selecting and moving objects around.
> It looks like each Text object is being placed its own "layer".

gimp displays paths and layers similarly (in a stack) and the same
transformation tools work on them but they are not the same sort of
information.  paths are points and shaped segments and layers are made
up of pixels.

> What exactly is a layer?
> Do I select an object by selecting the layer?
> Do I move the whole layer?
> Does it make sense to draw inside a text object?
> Is it an object at all?
most of these questions can be answered by working through a tutorial in
the beginners section of the tutorials at www.gimp.org

> All I need is a monocrome gif, but it would be nice if the resulting
> drawing were scalable, one which would grow and shrink if the user
> zooms in using the browser.
> Does gimp do that?
scalable gif? no. gimp doesn't make scalable gif.  does mspaint make

> I have friends who use AutoCad and are always talking about scalable,
> vector graphics. AutoCad also uses layers, but I've forgotten exactly
> what the were.
i am pretty sure that AutoCad is not making a scalable gif.  it would be
scaling a file and converting it at the last minute to be a gif.

the closest thing gimp has to AutoCad dynamics are the paths.  you can
make and edit paths with the pathtool and further manipulate them with
the paths dialog.  i have a script that adds some further editing
ability to them http://carol.gimp.org/gimp/scripting/paths.html

> Can you help?
you seem to be doing fairly well on your own.  skip my web site if you
are not using at least a gimp-2.3.5


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