Mike Williams writes:
> Pretty sure that Carol is correct, I've never installed gimp on windows, 
> but I would be very surprised if the windows installation changed the 
> associations without asking.

The current 2.2 installer asks during the install, and defaults to
"no" for all file types except maybe XCF (which of course it should
claim). The defaults seem exactly right. Of course, if you check
them all on, then GIMP will claim all those file types, but that's
an action the user has to take.

If there's a case where GIMP makes those file associations even
though you didn't select the checkboxes, I'm sure the windows gimp
maintainer would want to hear about that. (But GIMPwin-users might
be a better place to ask about that.) When we tried it here, it
worked fine and didn't claim any image file types it shouldn't have.

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