Yes, I R A ediot, and I think I was half asleep during install, so I probably did say to the installer--sure thing, that sounds great. Anyway,what Mark suggested did the trick. Thank you, Jason ----- Original Message ----- From: "Carol Spears" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 01:22:36PM -0600, Bell wrote:
I am straight up a novice, I don't like the fact that now that I have The Gimp installed, it took over any and all image folders, and will only open them in Gimp. I do not want my windows folders, or other program folders to be "ran" automatically through Gimp. Please help. Also, if I uninstall Gimp, will the images that it commandeered be lost, or will they go back where they should be with their "ME given"name?

i think you can change that behaviour by setting something in that
windows manager thing -- i can't remember the name of it now.  Display
Manager?  it has been a while since i used windows, but they set it up
so that you can tell it which application to use to open different kinds
of files.

as far as removing it goes -- the gimp i use only knows where the images
it has touched are on my desktop.  it scans only its own resources on
start up and does not attach itself to any of your images.  you can
remove it cleanly and quickly that way.

i am curious, during the instalation process, did you agree to have gimp
manage all of your images?  your problems are due to your initial
conversation with the installer i think and not with gimp itself.

i am sorry it was not a nicer experience for you.


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