Hello again, ok sorry I had never realised that about top posting.
I actually found a solution by trial and error. That is:
 - send the image as string through the socket
 - create an image containing a layer of the right size in gimp and get the 
pixel region and assign my string to it
 - and it works ...
If you are wondering what the hell I'm trying to achieve, actually I'm trying 
to integrate gimp plugins into a tool that I made to build cursor themes for 
X11 and that I called gursor maker. And the goal would be just to be able 
create lets say the "cursor modifier" "ripple me that" which uses the ripple 
plugin of gimp with given parameters and then by drag and drop on the different 
cursors apply it transparently.
Thanks for your proposal I think I'll rebuild my interface anyway and I'll make 
some kind of automatic interface builder to integrate the options in a panel.
V. Paeder
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