Using Gimp 1.2.1

I want to achieve a "sparkle" effect on a "click" button.

I am having trouble getting Gimp to recognize the "combine" and "replace"
tags in the layers.  Sometimes (but not often) the "combine" for the base
layer will actually work, but most of the time it displays as a "replace"

My layers looks like this:

10 (10ms) (replace)
9 (10ms) (replace)
8 (10ms) (replace)
7 (10ms) (replace)
6 (10ms) (replace)
5 (10ms) (replace)
4 (10ms) (replace)
3 (10ms) (replace)
2 (10ms) (replace)
1 (10ms) (replace)
base  (100ms)

The base gif is a plain background image.  All the others are transparent
with "dots" placed in them randomly.  ("dot" being the smallest brush
stroke used with the pencil).

Using save as - save as animation - if unspecified, use "combine".  I have
also tried this specifying "combine" in the layers.

I tried optimizing; but because (I assume) there is so much common empty
space, the "dot" files were reduce to about 5 and some got designated

All files are 125 x 25 pixels in size.

Am I doing something obviously wrong?

                                - fleet -

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