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Is there a way  to quickly chop up the file into the 3 individual
pics, and to get them squared up (vertically and horizontally 90
degrees)? My goal is to have no white space (the background/scanner's
white sheet/ the white background that separates the pictures from
each other) to be removed when the editing is done.

I'm unclear if you want to turn them into three individual images, or just straighten them within the one image.

If you want individual ones, use the crop tool. That will keep only the image you cropped, and it won't be square. Then use the rotate tool. Probably easiest is to select "Backward (corrective)", and "Preview... Grid". Then click on the image. It should show a grid that you can rotate. Rotate it so that the grid lines up with the (non-square) edges of the photo. Click "Rotate" on the dialog box to do the rotation of the image.

You may need to anchor that change.

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