* Jeff C <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [01-28-06 10:42]:
> THanks for your input. In regards to mouse-holding, I was referring to
> when you are doing the crop. I want a border-less image. In other
> words, no white space on the periphery of the image. How can we
> capture only the image, and nothing else?

If you have the image squared up, the crop area has four corners.  Two
opposite corners move the entire selection and the other two make the
area larger or smaller.  

The dialog box allows moving the selection corners with the keyboard
by changing the values a pixel at a time.  Is that fine enough?

If you still have white-space, you have not straightened the area of
interest sufficiently with the rotate tool, or your image is *not*
rectangular.  If that *is* the case, use one of the other selection
tools and cut/paste-as-new.

Or I fail to understand your problem.
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