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> crop -> rotate -> crop again
> > Because the Rectangular Section won't give an exact crop. How can
> > you get ONLY the picture cropped and NO white background space? I
> > would like only the picture included in the image, and no white
> > frame around it.
> above

I think we have a misunderstanding. Let's say that the image is  now
made perfectly aligned... vertically and horizontally at 90 degrees.
My question is how can we crop this now-perfectly-aligned picture so
that we don't include any white space?

As has been said, crop again to exclude any white area. However, I notice your original pictures that you have scanned have rounded corners. Are you wanting to retain that rounded corner effect? If not, then simply crop the image smaller so you have a rectangular area with no white. If you do want a rounded corner effect, then you'll have to have a background of some sort, be it white or some other colour. Or, you could make it transparent. You can do that by adding a transparent layer, and then using, say, the fuzzy select tool to select the unwanted background, then deleting that selection. But then you have to consider how you ultimately want to use the image, as not all file types handle transparency.

Bob Long
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