On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 11:23:04AM +0900, Jeff C wrote:
> Carol wrote:
> > your belief will not make this to be the truth.  rotating that image
> > will lose some of the quality of the original -- no matter what the
> > application you use!
> Ok. So does "lossless rotation" apply only to rotations of every 90
> degrees, then?

it makes sense, doesn't it?

i have some experience with this.  one nicely aligned image per scan
takes much less time than many images per scan -- unless you have time
restricted access to the scanner or concerns about the amount of
electricity you are using.

even with careful alignment you might need to rotate.  the loss isn't
necessarily in the image matter -- it is really in the time it takes to
do all of the pixel adjustments.  you edited this portion out of that
original email though....


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