On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 09:13:08PM +0200, Joe Schaffner wrote:
> Fun with email.
some times email is fun.

> Just curious, are you a Gimp user, a graphical designer, a programmer,
> do you work for gimp.org, or all of the above?
loyal hobbiest?  i actually do not want to define myself.  it feels like
everytime i have done this in my life, someone has shown up to replace
me who is far more qualified to do my job than me -- and sometimes more 

you can learn a lot about a piece of software if you make a web site to
describe it.

you can learn a lot about a community when your project is overtaken at
about the same time your life is.

i would be the gimp developer who is intelligent enough to go on record
as needing to be paid to watch television.  i wouldn't mind keeping this
job and i think i could add a few more tasks to my day without affecting
the quality of my television scrutiny.  it is honestly not as easy of a
task as you might think.

> > personally, i don't think scheme should be here.  windows95 and
> > windowsNT are basically scheme engines, aren't they?
> >
> The Scheme I'm talking about was/is a dialect of Common Lisp, so I
> don't know what you mean by "scheme engine".
i am using a word that i don't completely understand.  gimp has a built
in scheme console and also a browser that searches the API.  api means
Application Programming Interface.  i studied mathematics so i would
consider gimp script-fu to be a subset of Lisp.

> I read the Gimp documentation online very quickly, and I associated
> your Script-Fu dialog with a Lisp interpreter. I must have seen some
> example.
there are sample script-fu on your computer somewhere.

> Since both Gimp and AutoCad have a lisp interface, and since they are
> both graphics programs, I thought maybe the same people worked on the.
> They seem to share the same interests. Me, I like Lisp, but non
> programmers are usually intimidated by all the parenthesses
> ((((((())))))) is a valid lisp expression.
i have looked at it.  what bothered me about the syntax is that it did
not resemble the languages i had learned.  

> > > I was thinking I'd probably need a programming language, like C, and
> > > your plug-in interface, to extend gimp, but I still don't know what
> > > you consider a plug-in, hm, transformers for other file formats?
> > >
> > are you looking at information online or at the source code while you
> > think about all of this?
> Just the documentation.
i write in python.  i am unbelievably picky.

> > you are welcome.  it would actually be helpful if you explained what
> > steps you took to make that image.  it could/should have been better.
> I couldn't even begin to remember what I did, because I made alot of
> mistakes. A couple times Gimp seemed to get confused and the move
> operations didn't move but copy the figures, so I would quit and
> reopen the drawing.

<Image>/Edit/Undo or <Toolbox>/Dialogs/Undo  this is functionality that 
gimp had before many of the other applications.


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