On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 02:57:35PM +0100, Peter Diks wrote:
> Dear Gimp-Userlist,
> I am having a good time with Gimp 2.2.9
> At the moment i would like to add a Gflare in batch so that i don't have to 
> edit some 200 frames the same way. There is the "video" plug-in but a macro 
> option or custom batch option is not present, is there? Do you have a way to 
> dramatically shorten my edit-time?

i am glad that some body is enjoying it.

there is the GIMP Animation Plug-in.  you should be able to find
information about it at the same place you got your GIMP from.

i have an introductory tutorial, it can be found here:

while i am certain that apples imovie or any of a number of applications
that are available for windows to edit video with have a lot more
intuitive gui -- the gap is about as good of a video editor as gimp-1.0
was as a pixel editor.


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