On 2/6/06, Dave M G wrote:
>     However, I'm stuck as to exactly how to create that alpha channel. I
> can create an alpha channel for a layer, but I can neither paste the
> line art image into that alpha channel,

Right click on the layer and select "Add Layer Mask". Select the layer
mask thumbnail beside the layer thumbnail and work with that.

> nor can I seem to invert the
> image so the right parts are transparent and the right parts are opaque.

 Select your layer mask (click on the thumb and then select all) and
then go to Layers->Colors->Invert

>     Can anyone provide instructions or direct me to a tutorial for this
> sort of thing? I will gladly RTFM if someone can show me where in the FM to R.

 Try the tutorials on the gimp.org website.
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