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I assume everybody is keeping track on thread and knows what i'm answering.

Sometimes email delivery is congested and delayed, resulting in messages received out of order. Sometimes someone is new to the group and is just starting to get the posts in the middle of a discussion. That's why we should always quote the *relevant* part of the prior text in our reply, to give context to what we are replying about.

I don't like to scroll way down through all records,

First, that is an artifact of BAD quoting - quoting all of the prior post. When people ONLY quote the part they are replying to then no scrolling should be necessary to get to their reply.

Second, since you are writing this post for *others* to read, you should post it in the format that the *others* have said they want it. That means no top posting.

especially on long threads. So no, I will not reply below quoted text.

So, in other words, you refuse to participate in this group in the manner in which everyone else participates in it because of your personal (and misguided) belief that in doing so you make things easier for yourself, even if it makes things harder for everyone else. That's selfish and rude.

And yes, i'll try to quote only parts i'm answering to.

If you are willing to do that, why not just go the whole way and stop top posting and do it the way the rest of the group does it and the way that netiquette specifies is the preferred method?


        If you are sending a reply to a message or a posting be sure you
        summarize the original at the top of the message, or include
        just enough text of the original to give a context.

Doing it differently (quoting at the bottom and especially quoting the entire post at the bottom) *really* screws up quoting when there are nested quotes.

It would be very refreshing if you would reconsider your reasons for refusing to cooperate and instead give it a try to do it the way the group prefers, the way described in RFC 1855, a system that has worked well for over a decade (since 1995). It would show that A) you aren't selfish and rude after all; and B) that you are willing to listen to arguments about why your way may not be best for the group as a whole; and C) that you DO care about presenting your ideas in a way that makes it easier for the others in the group to read them.

Thank you!


I do hope it was interesting and relevant post not only for me but for everyone is posting.

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