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I'm using a the Windows XP home version.  I am using Windows Explorer
to browse the files using the thumbnail view.  I see an image worth
investigating, click on it, and The Gimp loads.   I process the
image.  Save a copy and close both images down.

Repeat the process.  After doing this any number of times, I end up
with 15-20 menus for The Gimp and eventually the machines bogs out.
I have to routinely close Gimp menus in order to get just one
instance.  This takes some time and The Gimp doesn't like it.

I wanted to know if I could have The Gimp open and still select images
within the thumbnail view of Windows Explorer without causing new
instances of the program to open.

Ok. In which case you need to change the file associations to use gimp-win-remote.exe rather then the gimp executable itself. If you don't want to do that, a work around is: after GIMP has started once, rather than clicking on the subsequent images, *drag* them from Windows Explorer into the already open GIMP. That way, you won't get another instance of the GIMP.

Bob Long
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