Am 10.02.2006 um 21:15 schrieb Scott:

So far I have compiled them all from source.. Since I am new to Mac's I am not sure how to package them yet for easy install.. Otherwise I would make
what I have done thus far available on my site.
Well, there are lots of dependencies like gtk+ 2.8.8. So did you build anything of that already by yourself? On PPC I built gimp up to 2.3.5 with fink support - meaning fink did all the packages gimp depends on and for gimp itself i wrote a so called info file which tells fink how to build gimp. Unfortunately for GIMP 2.3.6 this didn't work because of an glib problem (IIRC) and to build GIMP 2.3.7 failes due to a not availability of gtk+ 2.8.8 on fink.

Once I figure out this GIMP issue then I will probably address packaging
them up. So far everything else has had no issues using the standard
compile process.
Packaging on OS X is a bit complicated, because of the dependencies. So far there are two projects I know of, that provide a packaging system for OS X ( and and one project that provides a prebuild gimp application ( might even provide x86 code ?!

Unfortunately versions are a bit behind time sometimes (fink 2.0.6, darwinports 2.2.10, 2.2.9 (?) ) and unfortunately none of them provides 2.3.x builds.

Fink and folks do not have Intel versions available yet, and I did not
want to run in non-native mode.
neither fink nor darwinports provide lots of binaries. They just tell you dependencies, where to get the sources from and how to compile. So booth compile locally, which means they should lead to native binaries (in booth ways). claims that their packages should build on x86 with no probs, fink is is some kind of translation process right now.

Let me know about your next steps. I'd be very interested in knowing how to get a 2.3.7 for the new Book.



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