I have an HP Business Inkjet 1200n and am having trouble getting GIMP to print to it. I'm running a Fedora Core 2 system with CUPS. I haven't had a problem printing from other applications (Firefox, Open Office, xpdf, etc.) I'm using the HPIJS 1.3 print drivers.

GIMP has an HP Deskjet 1200C and an HP 1220C as available print devices under "Print...Setup Printer" but neither of these works properly, nor do the HP DeskJet 1600C, HP DeskJet 2000 series and HP DeskJet 2500 series print devices. In all cases, the printout comes out with the wrong colors. The printer just locks up when I use the HP DeskJet 1100C and HP DeskJet 1120C print devices. The HP Business Inkjet 1200n is a PCL3 printer. How should I define this printer to get printouts to work?

Carl G. Riches

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