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> > At present GIMP 2.3.5, as anything newer will not compile due to rpath.
> > OpenOffice, Firefox, and Thunderbird. Sadly the GIMP 2.2.10 package, which
> > I think is PPC (gimp.org) performs better then my GIMP on my Suse box. And
> > that is using Rosetta, or whatever the hell they call it.
> > 
> > There are various other small OSS installed, but mostly in support of the
> > above applications. On most things my compile times are shorter, however
> > on the Mac I do make -j3 and my Linux box a -j2.
> Considering that you're not comparing it on the same hardware, this
> isn't at all valid.
> Linux is quite a bit faster given the same hardware than OS X. That's
> the original point: if you're running OS X, you're not really caring
> about raw speed.

before i took OSX off the G5 altogether i performed a few amatuer benchmarks of
my own, between Ubuntu and OSX using 'time' and simply logging system load. 

the one area i could determine in which OSX clearly has Ubuntu PPC nailed
was that of ripping and encoding DVD's. what would take 70m on
Ubuntu would take around 45 mins in OSX with both the same codec and
container targets.

this was regardless of the fact that Ubuntu had DMA enabled for both the HDD 
and the DVD. 

strangely encoding from DV to a theora target was around 20% faster in Ubuntu.
3D performance with either the stock FOSS ati driver, or ATI's FGLRX was
much much better in Ubuntu i used Quake3 Arena and rendering the same scene 
using Blender/Yafray on both OS's. this may be due to the fact OSX hits the GPU 
for fast blitting (the OSX interface can be thought of as an OpenGL scene).  

mixing 8 identical tracks down to one stereo track in audacity was around a 
faster in Ubuntu, as was network performance generally (that i found very 
and never did get to the bottom of).

can't wait to see how Linux looks on a Core Duo..


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