Vytautas P. wrote:
Is there a way to make not linear but logarithmic gradient in GIMP?

GIMP version 2.2.6

OS Xandros 3.0.2

If you are talking about the blend tool gradients, then see Joao's answer. If you are talking about the gradients which can be edited and saved (such as "golden", "german flag", "FG to BG"), then you have the possibility to generate the gardient approxiamtely from an external script (using e.g. octave, scilab, matlab). Thomas Lotze did some Gaussian, exponential and power gradients which are useful for science. See
for examples of the old ggr format. The old format is also described in this 2002 discussion:

Recent gimp such as yours are supposed to be able to work with SVG gradients additionally (I never tried, but it should work). SVG gradient is described at w3c page:

From a user point of view, I think the old format is much easier to use from a script.

I hope that helps,



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