On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 05:01:24PM +0200, Vytautas P. wrote:
> And where all these gradients stored? ~/.gimp-2.2/gradients contains no files 
> at all.

copy any existing gradient (use the button on the Gradients Dialog) and
the gradient editor should appear.  

in the gradient editor dialog, right click where the color is and there
is quite a list of things you can do there.  changing the gradient from
linear to something else is an option there.

if you save your gradient copy (there is a button on the editor to do
this) you will have a gradient in your personal directory.

the gradient editor is very robust.  i did not see anything like it in
photoshop5 or photoshop7 or in paintshop pro5 or 6.


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