Just thought this might be more useful on the list. ;-)

On an added note. I gave up trying to use these options. The advice
given was excellent and got me a lot closer. But at that scale it just
couldn't produce the clean circle I wanted. I came away with 2 options;

1. Make a big circle and scale down (works well).
2. Hand build a perfect symmetrical path.

I went with option 2 in the end and I'm happy with the results.

Thanks very much

P.S. Give us your number and I will fax it to you. It's authentic and
everything (got a ridiculous student debt to prove it). Although it's a
Comp. Sci. it didn't help much :-D
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Adam Cooper wrote:
But, hang on, whilst hovering
over the "Selection to Path" button it tells me I can press shift to get
"Advanced options".

Whoa there. They're not advanced options, they're uber-extra-super
advanced options. Do you need a degree to use them?

Well, yes. Fax me your B.Sc. and I'll put you on track.

What exactly do I need to alter to encourage my path to more accurately
follow the selection boundaries?


Essentially, all the "small" numbers (<1) can be made smaller to improve the outline. The numbers around 1 - 5 you'll probably have to mouse-over, and guess. 'corner surround' could be a bit bigger, 'Filter iteration count' can go up to 8 or 10, "filter percent' can get tuned down to 0.2 or so, 'subdivide search' should be as small as is reasonable - 0.01 for example. 'Subdivide threshold' can also get a little bit smaller (but not too much).

Play around :)


Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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