Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Adam Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Anyway, I am trying to create a relatively small (approx 20~30px
> > across) circle.
> The best way to create a path that represents a perfect circle is
> probably to import an SVG from a vector editor or to open the
> Script-Fu console and use something like
>  (gimp-path-import-string 1 "<?xml?><svg><circle r='20'></svg>" -1 0 0)

For now better use <ellipse rx='20' ry='20' cx='20' cy='20'>, as Sven
found out the circle element has a bug that has just been fixed in CVS
HEAD. This will be fixed in 2.2.11.

> Yes, we should definitely add an easier way to do this, especially
> since all the functionality for basic shapes is already available in
> GIMP, it is just not exposed in any usable way.

In CVS head there also is
   (gimp-vectors-bezier-stroke-new-ellipse ...)
which could be used, but arguably the SVG import is still simpler since
it immediately creates a path object, which needs to be created manually
for -stroke-new-ellipse  first.

This will not be backported to 2.2.x, you have to wait for 2.4 to see
this in a stable release.


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