On Feb 23, 2006, at 8:45 AM, Robert Citek wrote:
How does one create or save a two-page tiff with the GIMP?

The short answer, you don't (at least I couldn't figure out how). To work around this limitation I used tiffutil under OS X. I lost some tag information and the process is a pain in the neck, but it worked. Command sequence on OS X:

for i in $(jot $(tiffinfo array.tif | grep -c TIFF ) 0) ; do
  tiffutil -extract $i array.tif -out array.$i.tif
  # resize array.$i.tif with the gimp
  # save as array.$i.400x524.tif
tiffutil -cat array.*.400x524.tif -out array.400x524.tif

To see the smaller two-page tiff:


 400 x  524 =  0.42 MB
2738 x 3586 = 40.00 MB

That's a sizable difference.

BTW, the image is a scan from a two-color microarray scanner. The images are scans of a glass slide with literally thousands of dots of DNA. One image is the scan at one wavelength, while the other image is the scan of the exact same slide at a different wavelength. Of course, now it would be nice to take the two images, false-color one blue, the other gold, and then overlay them. Where the dots line up it will be green (blue + gold = green). But I don't know how to do that, yet.

- Robert
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