On Sat, Feb 25, 2006 at 12:02:29AM +0100, Julian Oliver wrote:
> it appears the file-open dialog doesn't seem to have support for dotdirs.
> is their any intention to support this with a "Show Hidden" button or 
> similar? 
> by dotdirs i mean 'hidden' directories like ~/.somegame or 
> ~/.mywindowmanager/backgrounds etc
> while i can work with images outside and move them to a hidden
> directory, game-data (textures and the like) are often stored in such
> locations and so during modification of a game (for instance) working with 
> the gimp is slightly more troublesome.
right-click on the dialog face and there is an option to "Show hidden

you will have to right click everytime if you wish to see the hidden

this new file selector is easier that way.


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