On Sat, Feb 25, 2006 at 11:40:45AM -0500, John R. Culleton wrote:
> I want to build a gradient with three (or more) colors.  Under
> 2.3.7 the "new gradient" routine only allows or a start and an
> end color.
> What am I missing?  
i think you are missing an idea.  first add new segments.  right click
on the colors in the gradient editor.  you can add segments in more than
one way.  i always have to read the options and think about it.

each segment has a right boundry, center boundry and left boundry.  

the end and start in the dialog means the selected segments.  to select
a segment, right click on the center triangle of the segment you want.
to select a group of segments, right click on either ending segment and
(i think) shift click on the other ending segment.

the menu dialog uses right and left start points and this would be the
right and left of the selected group of segments.

the interface with the gradient editor is somewhat complex, but so is
editing gradients.  after having been successful at this, i cannot think
of a simpler way to do this.

i think i have a tutorial about it, i don't know if it answers your
questions directly .....

[pause while reviewing old tutorials]
sure, it is right there.

howcome i get so many web hits yet no one seems to know where my
tutorials are?


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