On Sat, Feb 25, 2006 at 10:44:52AM -0600, Robert Citek wrote:
> I'm slowing getting familiar with gimp/gimpshop.  And so I thought I  
> would try a couple of toy problems.  One toy problem is to create a  
> venn diagram.  The resulting image would look something like a Visa  
> logo, except the colors of the circles would be blue and yellow, with  
> the intersection being green. Here's an SVG version[1] which is close  
> to what I'm looking for.  Notice, though, that the intersection is  
> the wrong color. (Modified from the Mozilla website on SVG[2].
first thing.  in keeping with the spirit of how gimpshop came to be, i
am curious if there are separate online resources for this application.
they opted (probably for really good reasons) to go on their own to
provide software for what is probably a large group of users.

perhaps you could list gimpshop resources here so that the gimp users
can redirect the gimpshop questions to the proper place.

personally, i do not want to interfer with them.  they filled a nitch
and did this without the gimp developers.  i suspect they had really
good reasons to do this.  it would be wrong, in my opinion, to start to
help them now -- keeping with the spirit of their project.


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