Selon Manish Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> For Gimpshop, it was all about forking from the get go. There was no
> discussion, no proposal in any of the several places to discuss GIMP
> development. No other possibilities were attempted.

Put things in perspective - the guy wrote a patch. It's a couple of hundred
lines of a patch, which did something he wanted to do in the easiest way he
knew how. He did a grep for labels in the source code, and changed them where
he found them.

Yes, he could have done it differently, but what he did was useful for a bunch
of people, and wasn't acceptable for integration into the main GIMP source
code. So I have no problem with him coming out with the patched GIMP under a
different name. If it was put in bugzilla, the patch would have been refused, or
we would have asked him to work on it. So why worry? I'm happy to see this kind
of thing happenning around the GIMP.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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