2006.03.01 20:53, Colin Brace rašo:
> Another problem is is that there is no visible indication that a text
> object is selected. When a text layer is active, the text object is
> displayed with a box around it, whether it is selected or not. Every
> time I try to move a text object, 75% of the time I end up moving the
> underlying canvas, and I have to keep undoing and clicking on the text
> object until I succeed in selecting *just it*. I go through this every
> time I create text, since inevitably the text is not positioned where
> I want it when I first add it.

You can move text layer with move layer tool - keyboard shortcut is M.
You have to point at text layer's content - namely letters. Then cursor from 
pointing finger changes to  cursor with 4-sided arrow (if text layer is not 
selected in Layers tab, then pointer with 4-sided arrow changes to pointing 
finger) and you can move layer whereever you like. Zooming in picture should 
help you pick letters in text layer.
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