On Wednesday 01 March 2006 05:46, Manish Singh wrote:
> Gimpshop slaps the people who know the code of gimp in the face, and
> then expects gimp.org to take up the slack because they don't know how
> to properly support a community. I don't see why the animosity is so
> surprising.

Because Gimshop has generated more excitement than the Gimp ever has and 
certain people might be a little ruffled? Perhaps because Gimpshop fulfills a 
need that has been ignored for a long time? Artists get used to a tool and 
they don't want to learn a new one. Photoshop is usually that tool, 
fortunately or unfortunately. It's a shame that Gimpshop as a project isn't 
really much in the way of structure, but why not rip it off and inspire them 
to get better? Make fun of them until they change? Write a guide for people 
to make Gimpshop "proper" for inclusion, and heck, even I might give it a 
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