On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 08:39:41PM -0500, Brendan wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 March 2006 05:46, Manish Singh wrote:
> > Gimpshop slaps the people who know the code of gimp in the face, and
> > then expects gimp.org to take up the slack because they don't know how
> > to properly support a community. I don't see why the animosity is so
> > surprising.
> Because Gimshop has generated more excitement than the Gimp ever has and 
> certain people might be a little ruffled? Perhaps because Gimpshop fulfills a 
> need that has been ignored for a long time? Artists get used to a tool and 
> they don't want to learn a new one. Photoshop is usually that tool, 
> fortunately or unfortunately. It's a shame that Gimpshop as a project isn't 
> really much in the way of structure, but why not rip it off and inspire them 
> to get better? Make fun of them until they change? Write a guide for people 
> to make Gimpshop "proper" for inclusion, and heck, even I might give it a 
> shot.

Give it a shot. Make a proposal to the developer list, detailing what
you'd like to see and why it would help you. Actually detail what the
menus are in photoshop, and what the equivalents are in GIMP, and give
justification. Same for keybindings. Do not assume people reading the
list have access to Photoshop. Be prepared to defend your ideas.

The key thing being here is you're interacting with the existing
community, instead of insulting them by implicitly saying that they
don't matter by ignoring them completely.

I have to say, it is a little hard to believe that people are so set in
their ways that the naming of the menus makes such a huge difference,
but not set in their ways that the other *huge* UI differences aren't
such a big deal. Maybe people only *think* that it makes a difference,
and that perception is enough to get over some stubborness in their
brains? It'd be interesting to videotape someone using Gimp vs. Gimpshop
and see if it actually is a productivity enhancement. Perhaps all that's
really needed is the PS menu->GIMP menu mapping document in a proposal
as a cheat sheet.

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