Sorry for jumping in half-way through a conversation that I haven't been entirely privy to - but I just wanted to make a suggestion/point that is (I hope) relevant.

On 2 Mar 2006March2, at 02:33, Manish Singh wrote:

Perhaps all that's really needed is the PS menu->GIMP menu mapping document in a proposal as a cheat sheet.

When Adobe launched InDesign, it was taking on a dominant market leader in Quark XPress. People like me who had used XPress for years were used to a certain way of working and innately knew a load of keyboard shortcuts etc for doing our jobs. What Adobe did was inspired: yes, you could, out of the box, use InDesign as Adobe intended or, with the flick of a preference button, InDesign was set- up to recognise and use the XPress shortcuts that people were used to.

If Gimp is to become a replacement for Photoshop then, whether it appears to be "good practice" or not, it has to accommodate its potential users and work as they are used to working (in the short term at least). I'm sure there are many people who will argue - and possible quite rightly - that the Gimp is not a Photoshop replacement but, for many, many people, it is and as more people make the move from Photoshop, surely the Gimp's relevancy, exposure and quality can only improve.

As I said, I might be speaking out of turn (if so, I apologise) but, if I'm understanding the thread correctly, I hope this point is relevant.

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