Manish Singh wrote:
> Give it a shot. Make a proposal to the developer list, detailing what
> you'd like to see and why it would help you. Actually detail what the
> menus are in photoshop, and what the equivalents are in GIMP, and give
> justification. Same for keybindings. Do not assume people reading the
> list have access to Photoshop. Be prepared to defend your ideas.

Walks by nonchalantly, whistling.

Here are some screen shots of "me working in" Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS.

0. in the above URL gives you all files.
1. They just happened to be lying around.
2. The colours, if off, are because of needing to use rdesktop.
3. There are some perks to being at the uni.
4. I cannot believe how much I missed the right-click menu on the
images, and I was barely doing anything. I love the GIMP.


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