On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 06:11:59PM -0500, Paul Bloch wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm an occasional Gimp user and prefessional graphic designer.  I was
> wondering where and how do I get involved with user-interface development.
> I have several ideas that I think would better the experience.  I'm planning
> on writing a longer article about usability for osnews.com and part of that
> is talking about Gimp.  However I didn't want any criticism I make to
> suggest I have any hostility torwards the community or the project.  And
> considering people's sentiment's torwards Gimpshop, I think it'd be best if
> I go about this "the right way", by speaking to the development team and
> community first.

The best advice is to do your homework. Don't just complain about the
current UI, but actually propose something to make it better. That
proposal should be well researched, and it shouldn't be something that
has been discussed to death and shot down already, which means reading
past discussion on the web, mailing lists, and the bug tracker, unless
you have well thought out rebuttals for all the reasons it was rejected
to begin with. You need to show that you've actually thought through the
issues seriously. Expecting developers to spend hours or days or weeks
implementing an idea you've only thought about for 5 minutes isn't a
realistic attitude.

Basically, designing good UI is *hard*. Just because you use computers
doesn't make you an expert on it, though lots of people like to think
they are. Often times people don't even know what they want themselves.
It all boils down to actually spending time to think about the problem.

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