On Thu, 2006-02-03 at 12:00 -0800,
> On the other hand, the new GTK open/save dialogue has been subject to 
> many critics, in Gnome and in Gimp. Gimp developers have tried to 
> implement fixes for most of the annoyances. But the dialogue is still 
> quite bothering. However, the blame is to be put on the gnome HIG,
> not 
> on Gimp developers.
> Just my 0.02 euro cents, as a user.

I love the open/save dialogue.  What specifically are people having
trouble with?  Having the places tied into these dialogs is great and I
can add remove these "bookmarks" as I like.  Is it the functionality or
the UI?

PS: This is just curiosity I'm not trying to start a war.

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