Specifically I don't like the ctrl-L thing to type a path in - I frequently use a file browser or shell that I can copy a path from and paste into the open dialog of most applications I use. Until last month I didn't even know about the ctrl-L option.

In a more philosophical sense I don't like that it's different from the rest of the file open/save dialogs on the OSes that I use. I use KDE and Windows and I love that I can get the Gimp in both. I don't like that in both of those environments I have this application that acts differently to do the same job.

It's not just the Gimp, I have the same complaint about the File Open/Save in Blender3d and all those Windows apps that think Open/Save needs to be redone.

PS: It seems hard to discuss this kind of issue without starting a war, but please read all my statements in the friendliest (but not, of course, sarcastic) voice that you can imagine ;-)

George Farris wrote:
On Thu, 2006-02-03 at 12:00 -0800,
On the other hand, the new GTK open/save dialogue has been subject to 
many critics, in Gnome and in Gimp. Gimp developers have tried to 
implement fixes for most of the annoyances. But the dialogue is still 
quite bothering. However, the blame is to be put on the gnome HIG,
on Gimp developers.

Just my 0.02 euro cents, as a user.


I love the open/save dialogue.  What specifically are people having
trouble with?  Having the places tied into these dialogs is great and I
can add remove these "bookmarks" as I like.  Is it the functionality or
the UI?

PS: This is just curiosity I'm not trying to start a war.

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