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On Thu, 2006-02-03 at 12:00 -0800,
On the other hand, the new GTK open/save dialogue has been subject to many critics, in Gnome and in Gimp. Gimp developers have tried to implement fixes for most of the annoyances. But the dialogue is still quite bothering. However, the blame is to be put on the gnome HIG, not on Gimp developers.

Just my 0.02 euro cents, as a user.

I love the open/save dialogue.  What specifically are people having
trouble with?  Having the places tied into these dialogs is great and I
can add remove these "bookmarks" as I like.  Is it the functionality or
the UI?

PS: This is just curiosity I'm not trying to start a war.

Checking the mailing list shows that the two main complaints are:
1- the absence of the keyboard navigation with tab completion that was in 1.x. This can be actually activated by CTRL-L but no-one can actually find this shortcut "naturally", so everyone will at least complain once about it. Also, the file name completion is different from before, and some may find it less practical but this is very subjective (I preferred the old one, and I think "tab" should definitely be used for file-name completion to have a consistent interface).

2- the lack of way to have the "file type" and "other folder" navigation portions of the dialogue always opened. It is quite bothering for many users to have to click every time on the little "+" in order to choose the file format or the file location. Users do not always want to have to remember the extensions for every file format around, neither they feel normal in a modern interface to have to type them. Simply making this a preference or remember the last state would probably solve the issue.

From what I can gather of reading the mailing-lists for users, developers and windows port, while the gimp "own" part of the interface as much improved in the last years (preview for plugin / docks / window management / image window top-menu), the compliance to the HIG has raised a lot of bitterness in the community. But this is not a gimp issue. Linus Torvalds, in his own funny way, has pin-pointed the problem a few months ago. However, I have already said too much, this is flamewar material ;)



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