Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> From what I can gather of reading the mailing-lists for users,
> developers and windows port, while the gimp "own" part of the
> interface as much improved in the last years (preview for plugin /
> docks / window management / image window top-menu), the compliance
> to the HIG has raised a lot of bitterness in the community.

Can you please stop spreading this nonsense? The GNOME Human Interface
Guidelines (HIG) have not much, if anything, to do with the way the
file chooser dialog looks and feels. Please read the guidelines before
you talk about them. Making GIMP more HIG compliant has led to more
consistent and more pleasantly looking dialogs and has substantially
improved the usability of the application. I have not yet heard any
valid complaints about this step.

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